6 Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Next Car

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6 Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Next Car

Before you buy a car it is vital to ask yourself a few questions and most important of all answer them. If you don’t, the people selling the car in the showroom might just persuade to drive away in something that isn’t suitable.

your next used car warranty Check the fit for you

Are you sitting comfortably in your next car?

The driver’s seat must be supportive and the steering wheel adjustable enabling you to reach the controls, see the door and rear view mirrors without a problem. If it is a stretch and you don’t feel right then you should not buy the car. The test drive would be the decider.

Will the family fit inside it? 

Your next car is not all about you, there are others to consider and that includes your family (and any pets) you take on journeys. Make sure they go with you to the showroom and that they are comfortable.


Is your next car right for the job?

There is no point buying a small hatchback to tow a caravan, or a four wheel drive model if you want an economical commuter car. It is important to be certain on what your next car is expected to do. Don’t be distracted by the wrong sort of car or a persuasive seller.


Should your next car be petrol, diesel, electric or hybrid?

Although out of favour, diesel offers excellent fuel economy, even if modern diesel engines are very complicated and more expensive to fix as the miles build up. If your mileage is modest and you pick the right size engine, then petrol can make a lot more sense. Electric cars are still relatively expensive and may make sense if your journeys are mostly local. In addition the resale value is not that strong and eventually the batteries will need replacement. Hybrid cars have two engines and that could mean twice the complication when they get older. 

used car parking space How much room do you have?

Will your next car fit in your parking space?

Measure space on your drive, garage, or even where you park at work. Your current or last car is the best guide as you can find out from the manufacturer what the dimensions are. If there is any doubt asking the seller to drive the car to your house is not unreasonable, if you intend to buy.

Should your next car be fashionable?

You buy a car for all the right practical reasons and because you can afford it. Often the underlying factor can be that it is desirable and fashionable. That would mean it should hold its value and will be much easier to sell in the future. So keep in touch with what cars people want to buy through specialist magazines and websites. If you have no time for fashion and just want a vehicle that suits your needs, chances are you will pay much less.


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